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  • How do I download my order?
    You will receive an Email with the download link. You can also access your account and get your link in the "Orders" section We strongly recommend creating your username before making the purchase so that the system can store your order in your account.
  • How do I install my libraries?
    To use our libraries you only need to unpack the zip file, so you will need to have (WinRAR) installed on your computer. Inside you will find a folder for KONTAKT and inside it an NKI file, you need to drop that file into kontakt.
  • When will I get my order?
    All orders are instant. If you don't receive your order immediately, you may have entered your email address incorrectly or your email server's spam filter has blocked your order email from arriving to your inbox.
  • Where do I find the WAV files for the library?
    Within each product we will give you a WAV folder where you can get the files.
  • Are TCI files included?
    If TCI files are included in all drum libraries.
  • My library keeps timing out in demo mode, what can I do?"
    Chango Studios libraries are built for Kontakt Full, not Kontakt Player. The difference between these products is that Kontakt Player requires a special license in order to use a library with it (because the player is free). You must have Kontakt Full in order to use our libraries as it was intended, however, the demo mode for Kontakt Player allows you to use the library for fifteen minutes. It is possible to get a great sound in just 15 minutes, save and re-open and then print your work to audio.
  • I already bought some libraries in the past, can I have a free update?"
    If you were a previous client at chango studios you can keep your products, however we do not offer updates, we reserve the right to offer them, however we invite you to buy the new versions for the following reasons. 1) You will get the current official version of the product with all new features. 2) We have developed an interface and view for you so that you can use them more comfortably. 3) You will have neat folders and user manual for each product. 4) You have the opportunity to show your support for Chango Studios, our goal is to provide you with quality products, so we have invested hours and hours of work to make this possible and you can enjoy a new Chango Studio experience.
  • Do I need to buy the new version of a library that I already had?
    You don't need to do it if you don't want to, but we recommend using these new versions if you want to get the best quality samples.
  • What version of Kontakt do I need?
    You can use any of our libraries in the lasted version of Kontakt Player, but since we do not have a deal with Native Instruments you can only use it for 15 minutes before restarting your session. We strongly recommend that you keep your system updated with the latest version of Kontakt. Native Instrument Kontakt is a system-friendly VST that constantly improves with each update, so we always recommend getting the most recent version.
  • I have a question and it is not here, who should I write to?"
    Go to "Contact Us" and write us a message, we will gladly try to answer your questions. or send a direct message to:
  • But will I get the free update in the future if I get these new versions?
    Yes, all users will have any update made to any product obtained from these versions.
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